James Arden

James is a London-based writer/director. Inspired by his formative years between the sleepy suburbs of Southern England and the cities of the industrial North, his work explores modern life through character-driven stories. In 2023, James was named by the Young Arrows and Creative Circle as one of the most promising commercial directors in the game. In 2022, his short film "Leopard" starring Elisha Applebaum won several awards, including a British Short Film Award, and has garnered over 100,000 views. In 2021, he won a 1.4 Award and was shortlisted for a Cannes Lion YDA and Venice TV Award.

James Arden

Featured Work

A Few of the Best Bits

  • Love Will Get You There


    Love Will Get You There

  • Lookbook 2024

    Ella Bull

    Lookbook 2024

  • Myths

    Short Film


  • Men, You Are Not Alone

    Mankind Initiative

    Men, You Are Not Alone

  • Part Of Me

    Cian Ducrot

    Part Of Me

  • Bones



  • The Ripple Effect


    The Ripple Effect

  • As I Try Not To Fall Apart

    White Lies

    As I Try Not To Fall Apart

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