It's Not Rocket Science

Production companies Rocket Science and Rubberduck merge

13th Feb 2024

It's Not Rocket Science

Irish production company Rubberduck is thrilled to announce its merger with production house Rocket Science, establishing Rubberduck as the exclusive brand moving forward. This union blends the agile, modern approach of Rubberduck with the rock-solid processes, experience, and heritage of the Rocket Science team, which boasts over 35 years in the Irish commercial production industry.

The merger offers clients a creative, flexible, and agile production service while leveraging Rocket Science’s vast industry experience. Award-winning directors from the Rocket Science roster will join the Rubberduck family, creating a vibrant Irish home for them with the backing and reliability of seasoned professionals. The production studio will be led by the dynamic combination of producers, Eoghan Ryan, Helen Barry Duke and Jenni Barry Duke, alongside fresh and talented creatives, Ben Colwell and Conor Ryan.

New Rubberduck Team

From left to right, Jenni Barry-Duke, Eoghan Ryan,
Ben Colwell, Conor Ryan, Helen Barry Duke

Rocket Science has produced some of the biggest and most widely recognised Irish commercials, with a deep understanding of the production process and the market it serves, it has long been a go-to production partner for brands and agencies alike.

Following its inception in December 2019, the modern production model of Rubberduck quickly gained popularity, outgrowing its initial intentions to exclusively produce online content, to deliver a wide range of productions, from corporate communications and online campaigns to TV commercials for major Irish brands such as AIB, JustEat, Transport for Ireland and the Irish Defence Forces.

As a result of this growth, Rubberduck has rapidly expanded its operations and staff, welcoming storyboard artists, producers, and editors to its ranks, bolstering it’s in house equipment, as well as setting up in-house post-production facilities and studio space.

With a number of successful collaborations behind them, Rubberduck and Rocket Science have already worked on projects for major brands and agencies together. A standout job saw the united team produce a TV campaign for Liberty Insurance with ad agency ACNE and director Declan Lowney (Father Ted and Ted Lasso).

Dylan Cotter, executive creative director of ACNE, said the newly formed Rubberduck were,

“the best bits of a big production house and a nimble content studio”

Eoghan Ryan, owner of Rocket Science comments on the merger.

“In the last 20 years the onset of digital technology has completely changed production. No longer do we shoot everything on film or get aerial shots from helicopters. Likewise, the global audience has changed with us - no longer do they wait a week for their fix of Dallas.

Despite this, the core fundamentals remain the same. Production work is production work. You can have all the ideas in the world but if you don’t know how to go about getting it produced you are not a lot of use – the Rocket Science team bring this experience. In contrast, Rubberducks junior partners are both in their 20s. They are a new age hybrid of marketing guru’s, directors, computer geniuses – irritatingly talented. They bring a much-needed youthful creativity to the Rubberduck offering. There is very much a two-way learning stream between these young gurus and the elder lemons - and it’s this combination that sets our work apart. This move will let us deliver the same stellar creative, more efficiently than ever”,

Ben Colwell, co-founder of Rubberduck, comments on the exciting union,

“The last few years since starting Rubberduck have been a whirlwind of excitement, and collaborations with Rocket Science have certainly been a highlight. The wealth of production experience of their team is invaluable, and we synergise so well together, it’s like a secret weapon. I am buzzing that we’re making it official and look forward to seeing what creative work we can achieve with the directorial talent and experience Rocket Science brings paired with Rubberduck’s more modern, agile production approach.”

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